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Why Classical Music?

Classical Music

Who here loves classical music? Over the past five years, Floating Melodies has run a number of cruises featuring the wonderful local classical talents. Our very first four cruises were opera based and our Handel’s Water Music, featuring Amicus Strings, sells out in the Adelaide Fringe each year.

There has been a debate for decades about the relevance of classical music in our modern world. Something I find of interest is that these debates seem to happen in every genre of the music industry! In 2016 CNN published this article, Why Jazz Stopped Being Cool and even Hip Hop is said to be dead with this article and many others like it Hip Hop is Dead and This Generation Killed It.

Popular Music

I think one thing is true and that is what is popular is ever changing. It has been changing since the human race began. It is what sparks creativity and leaves us open to create something new. How bland would music be if it was always the same – always one genre! Currently, we have access to any genre you can imagine as well as so much music that has come before. This makes it easy to see why people may say that some genres are dying. I think that there is music for every moment. I know in my day that I listen to everything from 1920s jazz to music from the Middle Ages to heavy metal covers of ABBA! We are all inspired by different sounds and these can change or stay the same throughout our lives!

We live in a time when I can watch a Royal Wedding with a truly on-point gospel choir followed by Rutter and an amazing classical cellist – Sheku Kanneh-Mason. You can watch Black Panther with an inspiring African influenced soundtrack, have salsa piano lessons in Cuba, enjoy How Great Thou Art in Finnish. Recently in Scotland, I found an amazing jazz band that had the floor dancing whilst in my hometown I find amazing local original singer-songwriters. There is just SO much to enjoy and experience.

Music never dies…

There is a power to music that helps us through tough times and transports us to places, times and people; music never dies. It may not be mainstream popular but it is still loved and can have relevance in the most unusual settings. Thanks to our digital era, music is being able to be preserved and rescued for future generations to enjoy. Of course, you will always have your favourites 🙂

So, why classical music?

For my upcoming Floating Melodies Progressive Dinner cruise, I have the amazing Karina Bligh and Charlotte Kelso performing a range of classical vocal music and opera. Karina was one of the singers on the very first Floating Melodies! So, why did I choose classical for this cruise? Listening to classical music while floating down the river is truly magical! You can learn more about these South Australian talents by clicking through the links above. If you wish to hear them perform then why not come along and enjoy our fifth birthday celebration which also happens to be our 100th Floating Melodies cruise! No matter what the music we have on board, it is always local and creates a unique experience every time.


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