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Dietary Requirements

Dietary Requirements

The importance of having EXCELLENT options for those with dietary requirements…

I, Emma Knights, was having a lovely chat recently and was asked whether Floating Melodies is a set menu or caters for vegans. I guess this is something that may be a little unclear! On many cruises, I have used vegan caterers from Adelaide to the delight of the guests on board.  We always have gluten free and dairy free options just in case too! I want Floating Melodies to be inclusive for all while showcasing the amazing South Australian produce we have!

I’ve booked my ticket, how do I find out what I will get to eat?

When you are booking your tickets, there is a box to fill in for dietary requirements. Once I receive these I look into the local companies that provide options for the requirement. To make sure no-one feels left out, I plan something that is similar to what the rest of the menu is at no extra cost either!

We always have gluten free crackers on board and I often pick things up from the wonderful Just Gluten Free if that is a requirement on board. Last year we had a Swedish themed cruise and I had a most moreish Princess Torta from Swedish Tarts for everyone. There were a few gluten-free requirements so they each received a Swedish Scab Cake – which doesn’t sound so lovely but really was! I do of course take on the responsibility of making sure things taste great!

One of my favourite cruises was with Lady Voodoo performing and we had a full vegan menu from Vegan Catering Company. The food was divine and even those who do eat meat enjoyed it very much! So there are many options for everyone to enjoy local produce on board!

So whilst I may not advertise an alternate menu, one is always available! Whilst it may be a surprise as to what it is, isn’t a little surprise nice? What you do know is it will always be local and delicious! Moving towards the future I will look into menus that are inclusive of all, to begin with! I will also endeavour to advertise the menu options if the main menu does not suit! I am always taking feedback on board to make your experience more enjoyable!

So why not head over and see what cruises we have coming up and if you want to know the alternative menu then feel free to give me a call! If you also know any caterers working with any dietary requirements then please pop them in touch. I love meeting with and working with other businesses. Oh…and the taste tests!


Floating Melodies is an Emma Knights Productions event.