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Guitar Festival Cruises

We held two cruises as part of both the Guitars In Bars section of the Adelaide Guitar Festival and Umbrella Winter City Sounds Festival. The cruises, Original Word and While My Guitar Gently Sleeps featured amazing local guitarists!

Original Word

Nice Verdes are Sally and Jesse who have been performing since first meeting at a peace march in Vancouver in 2003. They have performed and toured Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Guatemala and have studied music and dance in Cuba, India, West Africa and Colombia, continually honing their craft.

Nice Verdes are always on some kind of adventure in search of new inspiration and music. They have caught numerous planes, boats, bicycles and hitchhiked to play festivals and shows around the world as well as swinging in a hammock on a boat down the Amazon, hiking up mountains in the Andes, living in a shack in West Africa with no electricity, dancing in the desert at a rain dance, seeing an Orisha ceremony in Cuba, bathing in ancient thermal baths in Budapest, sleeping under the stars in the middle of Australia, gardening on the slopes of the Mediterranean, swimming in the Ganges, planting palms in the jungles of Costa Rica and enjoying Tango in Argentina.

Nice Verdes has released two albums, ‘succulence’ in 2008 and ‘brontosaurus’ in 2014. Their music is uplifting and sunny; original indie world. Inspired by the music’s of the world; Cuba, Colombia, Africa, Europe and Latin America; they play combinations of Cuban tres, accordions, ukulele, guitar, harmonica and vocals.

This cruise was catered by The Vegan Catering Company and you could dance the night away with the portable dance floor being set up by Luke Wilcox on the boat!

While My Guitar Gently Sleeps

Reid Sampson entertained you with selections of Tommy Emmanuel, jazz standards and he made his guitar weep.

The sounds of the guitar are vast, intriguing and can be so beautiful. The guitar can take you places and times that may have not even been to. What is a campfire without a guitar being played, the mall without a guitar busker or a teen moment of either a girl or boy playing you a song they wrote for you on guitar? It is definitely time we paid homage to the guitar, and Reid Sampson is one of the best guitarists I know. Lose yourself in the melodies and drift away from reality for a while.

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