Fruchoc Cruise

The first of Floating Melodies: Food Icons series! Celebrating iconic food brands of South Australia. The first food icon menu comes from Menz…

Did you know that FruChocs are recognised by the National Trust of South Australia as having cultural and historical significance to the state of South Australia? As such, they were certified as an ‘Icon of South Australia’ in 2005! They were first produced in 1948 and we have loved them since. So when looking at a way to bring food on board for this cruise (featuring the Love Boat theme) it seemed appropriate to bring this much-loved icon and its Menz friends on board.

Your menu included:

RaspberryChocs Brownie

Turkish Delight No-Bake Cake

FruChoc Truffles

Honeycomb Afogatto

and to finish off Crown Mint Slice. Those with a sweet tooth, this cruise is for you!


South Australian duo Nicolina Barcello and Dean Barcello will entertain you with an amazing set of songs. Nicolina studied classical voice at Flinders St School of Music and is one of the few singers I know that can cross over from opera to growl! Dean, her husband is an amazing guitarist and is the guitarist for Adelaide’s favourite swing band, Lucky Seven! Both are members of local soul band Lady Voodoo. So it was a real treat on board listen to them work together on an eclectic mix of genres.

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