Good Girls Guide!

Come and enjoy a musical love-fest that transcends music era and expectations. Join good girls Verity Colyer, Tahlia Ries and Monique Watson as they take you through their guide to rock and roll. From The Beatles to U2, The Rolling Stones to Meatloaf, these classical fangirls share these classic rock songs with as much love as they share a Mozart aria, and that’s a LOT of love! Accompanied by Cameron Oosterbaan.

There were delicious South Australian cheeses and crackers and rock n roll cupcakes! Local wine, cider and soft drinks were onboard too!

What people said…

“Is in a state of bliss. Saw The Good Girls Guide to Rock and Roll tonight on Popeye featuring the sublime Miss Tahlia Ries (and other equally talented artists) produced by the entrepreneurial Emma Knights. Caught up with wonderful old friends at a fabulous and sold-out show.” David Fyfe

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