Mélodies Sur L'eau

Mélodies Sur L’eau

Join Floating Melodies and Panache, Adelaide French Theatre for an evening of revolutionary music! We held two cruises to commemorate the storming of the Bastille and France’s National Day, July 14! Making our French themed cruises our most popular followed closely by our Bollywood & Valentine’s Day Cruises.

Whilst floating along in cabaret comfort, enjoying local wines and delicacies, Panache’s singers took you back to the days of the French Revolution. With a selection of songs from France’s rich tradition of revolt and protest. Songs included Le Chant du Départ, Le Temps des Cerises, Le Déserteur and many others, including the best known revolutionary anthem of all, La Marseillaise.


I first worked with Panache many years ago. I played a version of Beethoven’s fifth whilst they sang words over the top about a Peg! So much fun! I have since worked with Andrew on my co-production of Amahl and he performed in the first Bastille Day cruise I ran. Following on from that we thought to place a Panache concert onto Floating Melodies and it was quite a success!

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